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The car that started it all

My 50th Birthday myself......
Watch the video of its secret arrival HERE

TWO 2002 Electron Blue Corvettes Just added to our family of Corvettes
1 Coupe and 1 Convertible

RACER X Finally Makes it to the Website! (pre 1997 pics)

Just could not pass up this deal, a 1987 with only 55k miles on it.


Pictures taken May 12, 2000 (The day Justin Dalton arrived)

Our newest edition.......ain't she a beauty!

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Come on over!!!!!!!!!

If you would like to join our Corvette club call.........

Emmett Dalton at 805 496-2146

Paul Dalton at (805) 379-1338
our Phantom Support members
Larry, Justin & Luke Dalton

At our next meeting we will be discussing...........

1. How to buy as many Corvettes as possible

2. Where to park them (Problem has been solved)

3. Remedies for current and future Vette Fever outbursts

4. Hand waxing vs. orbital buffers on Vettes that are "begging to be buffed"

5. Further uses for white lithium grease

6. How to accomodate Dateline NBC in the future with their requests

7. How to find Ben Stein a Corvette without winning any of his money?

Below are pictures from our last Corvette Club meeting....

Lights up!......they liked each other!

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